Why rest is non-negotiable

Ever felt like you’re just ‘done’?

I have and it is fucking horrible. You feel like your cells should be alive and your soul on fire because everything is going SO right, right?

But you body has other plans, it’s physically exhausted, perhaps you’ve kept bumping your self care dates, or had to snack on the go, too much caffeine, too much wine to de-stress. It all adds up.

And your body just says stop.

Whilst I appreciate the hustle, being productive and moving mountains I’ve also learnt the hard way to listen to my body.

Building CT – it was built with my blood, sweat and tears (lots of them and rose) there couldn’t be a more appropriate saying. It took work, energy, focus, and being ‘on’ all the time, particularly at the rate it grew.

And then bam, I just couldn’t get out of bed one day. And the day after. And the day after that.

Testing showed Chronic Fatigue and I was given Dr’s orders to rest (not sure how that would be possible when building a dream). That I didn’t listen to. which led to consistent feelings of anxiety, exhaustion and just being in that state of ‘stress’ (my poor body, I’m so sorry – loving you so much these days!).

So my advice to anyone out their chasing dreams is to book your self love date in at least once a week, and not only that…


It cannot be bumped or moved so you can help someone else or do some extra work – on the rare occasion that may need to happen, be sure to re-book it in!!!

You are the CEO of your life, so making time for yourself is a priority, also what I found was that the longer I neglected myself, the further away from my intuition, alignment and overall brand vision I was (I wasn’t practicing anything I was preaching).

It doesn’t mean you need to allocate hours and hours every day, or say no to loved ones – make it something that works for you and your lifestyle.

Say for me, mine is Sunday mornings – no alarm, coffee and breakfast in bed with a fabulous romance novel (this also gets me off the screen). Just my time, pressing pause.


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